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Charged With Insurance Fraud? Get the Experienced Defense of Karlstrom & Krebs On Your Side

Insurance Fraud Attorney in Alameda County

Accused of Insurance Fraud? Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer Today!

If you have been accused of or arrested for insurance fraud, you want legal representation familiar with the complex laws surrounding these types of cases. We at Law Offices of Karlstrom & Krebs have decades of experience in criminal defense law, and we are dedicated to ensuring your rights are protected.

Defending yourself against insurance fraud begins with understanding the charge. Insurance fraud can be either hard or soft. Hard insurance fraud happens when people deliberately plan to trick insurance companies by inventing circumstances to collect on the policy. Soft insurance fraud occurs when people over exaggerate how much damage they or their property sustained to receive more from the insurance company.

Insurance fraud accusations also cover several different insurance types and companies. Our attorneys have defended people against some of the following types of insurance fraud charges:

  • Manipulating life insurance policies
  • Faking a stolen car
  • Car accident fraud
  • Falsifying or exaggerating car damage
  • Health insurance billing fraud
  • Staging home fires
  • Exaggerating storm damage
  • Inflating theft of personal property

Whether you’re being accused of manipulating life, car, health, home, or renter’s insurance, our Alameda County criminal defense attorneys want to look at your case.

Protect Your Rights!

We have handled thousands of criminal defense cases here at Law Offices of Karlstrom & Krebs, and we get results. Our criminal defense attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we provide services in English and Spanish. Make sure you have the representation you need.

Let us help you through this stressful and difficult situation. If you have more questions, or would like to discuss your case with one of our attorneys, contact us today for a free consultation!

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    Pete H.

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    Henry M.

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    Patrick G.

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    Dean H.

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    Susie B.

  • “Best Family Attorney I have ever used.”

    Sarah F.

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  • “The attorneys, Ken and Leslie, are wonderful to work with and are very helpful.”


  • “Mr. Krebs is extremely detailed and provides me with a sense of security that he is looking out for me, and my best interests.”

    Susie B.

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    Patty T.

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    Don S.

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    Harold M.

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