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Secret Sentences - The True Cost of a Drug Conviction

When non-violent drug offenders are sentenced, they are typically ordered to time in jail, or ordered to pay a hefty fine. These individuals serve their time, pay their fines, and look forward to putting the whole situation behind them. Unfortunately, many find that normal life is not so easy once they have a record.

For these individuals, many of whom were normal, hardworking folks prior to their arrest, the collateral consequences of a conviction can be devastating. Such a conviction can strip a person of their ability to get an education, find employment, or even find a place to live. If you or a loved one is facing a drug crime conviction, it is crucial to retain an Alameda County criminal defense attorney who can fight to protect your future.

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The Financial Consequences

The direct fines, court costs, and attorney fees are obviously all financial consequences of even a drug-related arrest, but the financial penalties do not end here. If you’ve been arrested, you may lose your job, preventing you from earning money you desperately need. Authorities can even seize assets in the course of a criminal investigation!

A criminal conviction, even if it’s a misdemeanor, can still come back to haunt you if you are trying to get a job that requires licensing. Those with a criminal record could struggle to gain employment in many fields, including nursing, working with children, therapy, and even driving a school bus.

The Federal Assistance Consequences

Those who have been incarcerated face tremendous challenges when trying to better their lives. The federal government will not grant any education grants to those who have a jail sentence, and even federal loans can be denied if an individual is convicted of a drug offense.

Narcotics-based crimes also restrict your ability to take advantage of other government assistance programs, such as food stamps or subsidized housing. While California recently made legal changes to allow drug offenders to collect food stamps, those who move to other states may not be so lucky. As for federally funded or subsidized housing, any drug activity can lead to an eviction, regardless of whether or not an individual was convicted or even arrested for a drug crime.

Take Control of Your Future

The consequences of a drug crime conviction are often more widespread than people realize, making it crucial to retain an experienced Alameda County criminal defense lawyer if you’re facing charges. Even a seemingly-minor drug possession offense can impact your future career plans, and your ability to find a place to live. At the Law Offices of Karlstrom & Krebs, we proudly fight to defend our clients. We understand the impact a conviction can have, and we’re prepared to fight aggressively for your rights, freedom, and future.

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