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A DUI can lead to a huge jump in insurance costs in California

On behalf of Kenneth Krebs of Law Offices of Karlstrom & Krebs posted in Drunk Driving on Friday, July 25, 2014.

DUIs are expensive, but drivers in some parts of the country pay a significant amount more in insurance premiums than others. A recent article by NerdWallet analyzed the impact of DUIs on insurance throughout the country. The findings were particularly interesting for those in California. According to the researchers who conducted the study, drivers from San Bernardino, California can experience an average of 135.06 percent increase in insurance premiums every year after receiving a driving under the influence ticket, or DUI.

The increase seems large on its own, but it becomes even more massive when compared to the national average: 75.3 percent. Californians can experience over 50 percent higher increases in insurance costs after a DUI than those who live in other areas of the country.

It does not appear that there is a connection between the danger rating of the city and the insurance premium jumps. San Jose, California, for example, was listed as one of the cities with the fewest fatal alcohol related car crashes in the country. Car insurance premiums for drivers in the city were estimated at $890.51, but after a first DUI conviction this premium jumps to $2,108.84. That translates to a 136.80 percent difference in cost.

Jumps in insurance premiums are just one financial impact that can result from a DUI conviction. Depending on the details of the charges, additional penalties can include steep fines and potential imprisonment. These charges can be fought. An experienced DUI lawyer will review the details of the case, examining whether the officer who made the stop and gathered evidence followed proper procedures and also make sure proper techniques were used when administering a Breathalyzer test or field sobriety test. A strong defense could lead to a reduction or, in some cases, even a dismissal of charges.

Source: NerdWallet, " The Most Dangerous Cities: DUIs, Deaths and Your Insurance," John Kuo, July 21, 2014