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Restraining Orders

Was a Restraining Order Placed Against You?

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Appropriately responding to a restraining order does not always require legal counsel; however, seeking a criminal defense lawyer who can adequately represent your interests could help define the way your case proceeds. If you wish to contest your restraining order, or if you have been accused of violating an order, it is essential to obtain legal representation to ensure you do not end up serving a sentence you may not deserve.

At the Law Offices of Karlstrom & Krebs, we invest ourselves into the thorough investigation of your case, building strong evidence and testimonies that can help you seek a favorable resolution to your case. Contact us today to learn more about the legal services we have to offer.

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We serve individuals on both sides of a restraining order: individuals filing the order as well as individuals who've had an order filed against them. If you require protection against an individual who has threatened your personal well-being, we can walk you through the most efficient steps for separation. If someone has filed a restraining order against you, we are ready to work quickly to protect valuable relationships that may be threatened by the order, including your right to visit your children.

If you have been served with a restraining order and you want to contest it, we can help you:

  • Fill out all forms for court
  • Compose a competent defense response
  • Prepare all forms for filing
  • File forms and formal defense response with the court
  • Attend your court hearing
  • Explain and keep the terms of the order

Restraining Order Violations

Perhaps you have been accused of violating the terms of an already-established restraining order. In this case, our team can represent you through your case proceedings, working hard to restore your name and your privileges.

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